Thursday, September 28, 2006

Russian GRU officers captured in Georgia

more on that, and russia-georgia relations on Writern's Blog

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Ekaterine said...

Well see Levan, Russia is ready to recognise the independence of the Abkhazia and South-Ossetia. That is what is going on in the conflict between Georgia and Russia. Ivanov says the 90% of the population of this 2 republics are Russian citizens. Well, who made it this way? Was it legal? Does really the inrenational community
accept that Russia regularly makes its own rules and acts according to them? Obviously Russin does not have any problems to bring Cosovo-modell in Abkhazian and South-Ossetian case.What happens if Russin really makes an official statement regadring the recognition of those autonomic republics of Georgia? Well, countries like Belorus, and maybe some others from the Ex-Soviet will probably follow them. And what? I follow some discussions about this issues on BBC. I am frightened to death by imagening what will happen if nothing stops Russia's intentions.