Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chick and Gary coming to Town!

26 September 2006, Tbilisi Opera House

Chick Corea is best known for his work during the 1970s in the genre of jazz fusion, although his contributions to straight-ahead jazz have been tremendous. He participated in the birth of the electric fusion movement as a member of Miles Davis' band in the 1960s, and in the 1970s formed Return to Forever. The four decade career of Chick Corea is the stuff of jazz lore, an amalgamation of influential, limit-stretching musical experiences which have filled many a page in 20th century music history encyclopedias and garnered him 12 Grammy awards.

Gary Burton was the first player of the vibraphone to create a new and wholly original musical style. His extensive simultaneous use of four mallets gave him a less percussive sound, allowing him to develop more complex ideas in a manner usually available only to pianists and players of wind instruments. Gary's collaborations with other jazz giants as well as his own groups have won him many honors and awards the world over, including 5 Grammy awards. Burton remains the only vibraphonist of his generation to be measured alongside the other major interpreters and innovators in jazz, and his virtuosity has kept him in the forefront of contemporary music.

The most expansive tickets (150-200 GEL) are sold out or reserved. Their are still plenty of "cheap" tickets (50-100 GEL) though.... I suggest in normal country it would be vice versa, but....

Source: Eastern Promotion


Writer'n said...

Chick Corea has been in Trondheim, my city, several times. He has some cooperation with the jazz-people here. In fact they made a record together. Anyway, my favourite jazzist is Pat Metheny. He had a concert here a couple of years ago, also in cooperation with this jazzorchestra. I think tickets on both concerts was about 50$.

dato said...


the last sentence was good, dato