Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Viktor Pelevin :The Sacred Book of a Werewolf

Victor Pelevin, very interesting contemporary Russian novelist who The New Yorker named one of the Best European Writers Under 35.

Born in Moscow in 1962, Pelevin is best known in the West for his short satirical novel, ''Omon Ra,'' which is based on the conceit that the Soviet Union's spectacular success in using robotic spacecraft early in the space age was a fraud.

“The Sacred Book of a Werewolf” provides a satirical account of Russian life as seen through the eyes of a 3,000-year-old Chinese werewolf – but with a catch. “Werefox” would actually be a more appropriate term, as the character, A Khuli, usually exists in the form of a fox. The fact that she is manifested in the novel as a pretty teenaged girl working as a prostitute in Moscow not only adds to the confusion, but also allows Pelevin to introduce a wide range of typical Russian male characters, from the repentant masochist liberal intellectual to a brutal drug addict Federal Security Service (FSB) operative.

I recommend this book to all !!!

You can download this book in russian from here (do it in IE) or buy at Amazon.com. You can find some reviews in english on his books here.
In Russian language you can find almost everything from this author at Lib.ru.
You can find also two short essays translated in english here.


Pelevin's Hompage where you can download his books (also audiobooks).

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