Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Russian Boevik recounts Fightings in Abkhazia

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Translation from russian:

I arrived in Abkhazia in spring of 1993. It was my own will, because I thought that fighting for tiny people of Abkhazia was right thing to do, but I was wrong... with us mainly fought russians and armenians, abkhazians were few - about 20%. I did not like when Cossacks shot priest straight in the church only, because he did not say, that this land was abkhazians, instead of that he said that: ,,this land belongs to God,,. They spread rumour that he said it was georgian land, but its not true, I was there. Other priest was hanged and several nuns were shot.... One Abkhaz shot his 70 years old teacher only because he was teaching him georgian language in school... Right after taking Sukhumi, in Gudauta on the russian base ,,Bombora,, they brought 12-15 years old nude girls in exchange for Benzin... Yes, I regret that I participated in this war.

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ჯიგარი ხარ!