Thursday, August 10, 2006

Georgia’s first open championship in ballooning

will be held in the Kartli Valley on October 4-8 2006

Organizing the event are:

National Aeronautics Federation
The Kakheti region Governor Administration
Georgian Civil Aviation Authority
Georgian Tourism Department
Georgian Sports Department

The newspaper "Iveria" 1891

Tbilisi, 1910

We invite pilots from all over the world to take part in the competition; we commit ourselves to cover the following expenses:
Accommodation in a sports Camping, Half Board;
Convoying vehicles matching the number of balloons + fuel (gasoline) in quantities necessary for the securing of the flights;
Ground support service (two persons per team)
Gas fuel in quantities, necessary for the securing of the flights;
Topographic maps – two copies per team;
Insurance fee.

The participants will compete for the following trophies:
Pos 1-3
The Mcxeta-Mtianeti region Governor’s Cup
The National Stage of the Black Sea Cup

The Competitions Program will include:
The overall number of flights – 5
The number of sports flights - 4

Day 1 (Oct 4)
Arrival, accommodation, registration of the pilots and balloons, distribution of vehicles and ground support teams, comradely dinner

Day 2 (Oct 5)
Morning - trial flight
Evening – general briefing, the Opening ceremony, competition flight - the Black Sea Cup Georgian stage (“Golden Fleece”)

Day 3 (Oct 6)
Morning – competition flight
Evening – competition flight - The Mcxeta-Mtianeti region Governor’s Cup ( “The Wine Barrel”)

Day 4 ( Oct 7)
Morning – competition flight
Evening – the closing ceremony, presentation with awards
The gala banquet

Day 5 (Oct 8)
Departure of pilots

Awards and prizes:

Pos 1-3 awards shall be distributed according to the overall results in all the events. The exact form of the awards is being specified with the sponsors – Georgia’s leading wine manufacturers.

The Mcxeta-Mtianeti region Governor’s Cup


10 empty wine barrels positioned in the form of a 4-row triangle; row 1 – one barrel, row 2 – two barrels, row 3 – three barrels, row 4 – four barrels.
The diameter of the barrel’s neck – 1m
The distance between barrels in a row -50m
The distance between rows – 50m
The number of points awarded for the barrel in the first row – 1000
Second -500 pts
Third -333 pts
Fourth – 250 pts

Task: starting from the distance of no less than 1 km to hit the inside of the barrel with a marker. Each pilot has 10 markers. The pilot has the right to drop all his markers into one target. In this case the points he/she gains equal the value of the barrel multiplied by the number of the markers that hit its inside. However, if a pilot hits two or more targets, on top of the points gained from the markers that hit the barrel, he/she gains bonus points. Each pilot has the right to two starts. The pilot that gains the most points shall be the winner and he shall be presented with the The Mcxeta-Mtianeti region Governor’s Cup a 100 –liter oak barrel of Kakhetian red wine “Saperavi”.

The Georgian National Stage of “The Black Sea Trophy”.

Objective: A five-meter pole is mounted with a hoop with lamb skin stretched inside it – “The Golden Fleece”

Task: Starting from a distance of no less than one km to pick the hoop off the pole. Each pilot is entitled to two start attempts.
The pilot that manages to be the first to pick off the “Golden Fleece” shall be the winner and he/she shall be presented with “The Golden Fleece”. However, to keep the national heritage in Georgia, “The Golden Fleece” has been insured to the amount of $ 1000.00 and the winner has a choice – ether to receive the lamb skin or its money equivalent.

AX-8 ‘St. George', the first hot air balloon, officially registrated in Georgia

Pilots that have submitted their participation applications:


1. Revaz Uturgauri АХ-8 "St. George"
2.Vatslav Shaginian AХ-8 "Lion"


3. Yuri Taran АХ-7 "Moscow"
4. Stanislav Feodorov АХ-7 "Augur"
5. Sergei Grishin АХ-8 "Allied Nippon"
6. Alexei Koniaev AX-8 ''Allied Nippon''
7. Anton Morev АХ-7 "Citroen"
8. Cergei Bazhenov AX-8 "Yuri Rost"
9. Michael Bakanov АХ-8 "Grand Park"
10. Sergei Vinogradov AX-7 "ELVA-ZETO"
11. Dimitri Gorbachov АХ-8 "Smolensk-Atoll"
12. Andrei Kulkov AX-7 "Kedr'

United Аrab Emirats

13. Abdul Aziz Nasser AX-8 "Zayed"

Czech Republic

14. Michael Suchi GP "Kubicek"
15. Pavel Kostrhun АХ-7 "E. on"


16. Tetsuhiro Su AX-8 "Cosmos"

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