Friday, December 22, 2006


Their was one stupid song: I can't wait for the Weekend to begin ....

This weekend promises to be one of the most interesting since my return from Germany. I have to write draft law about taxation of Georgian Supra!

I applied for a job at the Office Of The State Minister on Reforms and Coordination. The head of this Ministry is one of the most controversial man in Georgia: Millionaire, Libertarian Thinker - Kakha Bendukidze.

So the first étape of the concours contains three tasks: the most interesting and fun to do, I already mentioned above. Two others are also fun: 1) I have to write pros and cons of selling Georgian gas pipeline and 2) make kind of IQ Test to ascertain who is more clever employee when both have equal potentialities, to pay him higher salary.

I would appreciate your ideas, views, comments about these tasks.


Writer'n said...

Good luck, Levan!
Pros selling Georgian pipeline:
- Putin will be happy
- Bendukidze will be happy
- No more worries about pipelines.

- It's stupid to sell out infrastructure to a forreign country. Russia will have one more point of pressure to dicipline Georgia in future conflicts.
- Dependancy of Russia
- Loss of future income.
- Loss of control and possibility for national/regional development.

Well. YOu'll manage!

Ekaterine said...

You say he is 'one of the most controversial man in Georgia'. Yes he is, but not because of his 'millions or libertarian thinking'(there is nothing bad in it). He is controversial because there is a problem, I would say a big problem, of credibility and trust regarding him. Say what you wish, but I DON't believe in the idea of selling Georgian gas pipeline!
Anyway, I wish you good luck with your application. I hope you get waht you want!

Best regards

Rapho said...

Good comments! Levan für Dich: Eine schlesische dame erzählte mir mal ... (schwerverständlich) "Nehm se sisch vor den Mä... in acht." Esrt verstand ich sie akustisch nicht ... Ich dachte ich soll mich vor den Mächtigen in acht nehmen ... aber ich fragte noch mal nach ... Und sie wiederholte: "... nähm Sie sisch vor den Mäschels ... den Mädels in acht!" Good luck for you! And I think writer is a good theoretical thinker ...

regards, Rapho

Ekaterine said...

One more thing:
I find it grotesque that the State Minister for Economic Reforms in the poor Georgia, where a majority of the population has either some miserable income or almost nothing at all, says the following:

“Your know my opinion, that I am against of subsidizing increased gas price, but the government has a position that it is necessary to undertake some steps to protect the socially most vulnerable people,” Georgian State Minister for Economic Reforms Kakha Bendukidze said on December 22.


I get astonished reading this.
It is not about how clever economic reformer the minister is or can be. It's about how much he is able to understand politics.

It will be a political suicide for the Georgian government to do nothing about the unfavourable gas price (235 for 1000 c.m.). Is the minster able to think this way?
What Georgia needs in the first place is a political unity and stability in the country. Do we need to risk social unrest? Do we need to undermine the government? Don't speak of economy alone, at least in Georgia in 2006.


bekaisa said...
could be of your interest:)
and good luck there !!!