Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Georgia is 112 th with 176 thousand Internet Users

From every 100 Georgians - only 3,75 use internet. It's the last place between South Caucasus countries - 138 place.

In Armenia from 100 every 5,03 uses internet-124 place . In Azerbaijan every 18,4- 85 place!!!

The worse situation from former soviet countries is in Tajikistan- less than 1 internet user in 100 thousand!!!

Source: Media.ge


Ekaterine said...

Well... is that strange that the numbers er so low?

People have not enaugh money for the most important things for the everydaylife; things like: food, medicine etc. Who can afford a single though about this kind of luxury as for instance computer and Internet??
Not the only, but one of the most important reason in my opinion.

P.S. I presume that Azeris are more clever. Honestly.

lela said...

Is it really Tajikistan? and not Turkmenistan? or that one does not count at all?

Anonymous said...

Could it have to do with that one internet account usually have at least 3-4 neighbours connected with lan?

I think so.