Thursday, December 21, 2006

CRRC - Social Sciense in the Caucasus

Wednesday I have met at Batonebi regional program director of CRRC(Caucasus Research Resource Center) Hans Gutbrod and development and outreach coordinator Aaron Erlich. We had very interesting conversation and spent practically rest of the day together attending interesting events. After that meeting I went to see Max Ernst exhibition taking place in Karvasla (tbilisi history museum) and documentary film about Max Ernst in Goethe Institute.

At 17:00 I was at Betsy's Hotel where CRRC-georgia held a presentation of "Preliminary findigs from CRRC DI Survay 2006", conducted by Kristina Vacharadze, CRRC-Georgia Program Manager and Mamuka Nadareishvili, Expert. You can download PDF version of this presentation from here.

After presentation socializing with different NGO representatives I got interesting book with similar surveys made by Institute for Policy Studies, online version of this book in english you can download from here.

At 8 o'clock, after drinking Beer at Paradise Lost, we saw at Kolga Cinema very interesting documentary film: "Power Trip", about American multi-national company AES Telasi trying to solve the electricity crisis in Tbilisi.


Writer'n said...

Ahaa, I saw the film a couple of years ago. Great one!

Ekaterine said...

Yes, I also saw this documentary. I liked it a lot. I must say that the film become quite popular among a lot of people (not Georgians).
It seems you have a lot to do in Tbilisi, thanks to some progress in the country, I would very much like to believe. I hope this will continue.

Rapho said...

Hi Levan, this film obtained the price from the audience while the filmfestival Berlinale! I think so but I didn't seen this documentary.