Friday, March 30, 2007

Taboo Websites?

I was wondering which georgian Websites could be potentially tabooed in georgian society and found only three. There are 3 reasons why I found only three : 1. I searched in Georgian net badly 2. Georgian society is very tolerant 3. Georgian net is very poor with good or bad websites in general. I have such a feeling that the last reason is the closest to truth...

There are at least 2 themes in georgian society that almost nobody wants to discuss and make opinion on them publicly: religion and sex. Websites that i found are directly connected to both of these themes.

1. often criticizes official georgian orthodox church and takes tolerant position to other religious denominations in Georgia.

2. this website focuses on sexual minorities in Georgia and advocates their rights.

3. is only in English and one might think, that it's not georgian website, but counters that are on this site makes me suggest, that this site is for small, but still for georgian audience.

If you know other websites please write them in comments.


Anonymous said...

Could you please explain why Inclusife Foundation website would be a taboo?

Waht was the methodology you used during your research.

It comes strange that a website of the openly working organization, registered officially by Ministry of Justice is considered a taboo. We do not discuss sex on the website and it does not have pornographic content.

Whereas, there are number of websites containing adult content on similar and other issues they are not listed here. This is confusing.

Besides, discussion is open on LGBT issues and many other organizations and governmental agencies demonstrate openness during official meetings and roundtables.

Hope this information will assist you in revision of your "taboo" list.

Thanks in advance,

Inclusive Foundation

Levan said...

I think you did not understand my post correctly..
I just assumed that in Georgian society these themes are tabooed in some way(in private or in public discussion). I hope, that from Georgian government you don't have any problems, because they understand the importance of human rights.. I did not take into consideration also some NGO's that work on these issues..