Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Georgian soldiers in Iraq

I found first (i guess) georgian soldier's blog. He is based in Iraq and has some interesting photos, along with his commentaries, about his life in Iraq(though most of them are in georgian).

Currently 850 Georgian troops are deployed in the cities of Iraq (Baghdad and Baqubah), making Georgia one of the top contributors to the U.S.-led coalition on a per capita basis. As for Afghanistan, 150 soldiers are stationed there contributing to the NATO-led operation. Georgia is to increase its military contingent in Iraq to 2,000 troops and in Afghanistan 100 more Georgian troops will be sent.


Eti said...

He is actually my very close friend, I have couple of his old letters saved from this same blog. Very interesting, makes me cry most of the time. If you're interested I could share :)

Eti said...

good news, (at least for me), I asked my friend to post those letters again, I just sent them to him, and it will probably appear tommorow on his blog. Very powerful.

Levan said...

interesting posts indeed! thank you eti!

Eti said...

any time

Sandro Taktakishvili said...

I loved this soldiers site and his letters. Great that you have him on your blog.
Good job, Levan.