Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What will be instead of "Evrika" ?

As Radio Imedi reports Georgian patriarchate establishes its TV channel. Patriarch Ilia said: television company will have a public broadcasting and it will be called “Georgian International TV Chunnel”. TV station under the patronage of the Georgian Orthodox Church will begin broadcasting aimed towards promoting, as the founders say, “Georgian national values”. The television station won’t be political and informational. Mainly, it will have cultural-cognitive and educational programs and religious broadcasts. The important part will be appropriated for broadcasts for diaspore.
Tbilisi-based Evrika TV, owned by ex-communication minister Pridon Injia, who is currently affiliated with the opposition Labor Party, will give its TV frequency for the Church's broadcasts. Currently the frequency is leased by the Tbilisi-based TV studio Maestro, the channel mostly shows entertainment programs including studio “Maestro’s” reality show “Amtanebi”, which is popular among youngsters; however the Patriarchy and conservative circles have negative attitude toward this program.
The station will be chaired by Giorgi Andriadze, former parliamentary secretary of the Georgian Orthodox Church and founder of the public movement National Lobby.

Evrika was one of the worst TV stations and somehow I don't believe new one will be better...

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