Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Georgians on MySpace

I posted in Septemeber, about some georgian musicians on MySpace. I will try to track Georgians on MySpace and give roundups time from time. In this post I will try to give look at some bands who play Indie music.

OTAR my cousin and grandson of georgian composer Otar Taktakishvili. He released two albums: Fuse (2002) and Rebel Record (2006). He plays with the band called The Gglitch.
The Gglitch - International Drinking Song

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Otar's MySpace.

John Jolly is also known as SirG and Gvarj. He's been a part of numerous bands and projects (Sakhli, Genetic Code, Georgian Dance Mpire, Somebodies, SD1, Bibi da Sergi). Sergi is editor in chief of the only music magazine in Georgia (OZONI) and presents two radio shows. MusicHall (Thursdays, FM103.4, TBILISI, GEORGIA) covers newest developments in nearly every genre of electronic music. Muzorama (Sundays, FM106.9 , TBILISI, GEORGIA) is for those who’ve been interested in modern rock, indie, alternative, punk reggae and innovative pop music. Both shows provide information about newest releases, legal MP3 downloads, interesting remixes and cover versions. Listen 2 the shows @ MUZORAMA.

Young Georgian Lolitaz
(see my post) recently moved to London and gave their first concert. Here is video

You can read interesting article about Indie music life in Moscow here. eXile complains about low quality music played in Indie clubs.
eXile: ,,the fact is that Moscow's indie scene has almost nothing to do with "indie." And in part, that's because "indie" itself has pretty much become little more than a stance or a fashion choice. The original "indie" grew out of the post-punk college radio scene during the 1980s. It was a mostly Middle American avant-garde movement that took anti-fashion and anti-commercialism as seriously as Middle American Protestants would. That meant wearing worn-out clothes, not combing your hair, and basically not caring. Punk was too fashion-victim. Indie was all about not giving a shit. Or at least pretending to not give a shit,,

,,From what I could tell, the context was all lost on Muscovites. Indie here is just a way of differentiating yourself, of being a bit more Western, a bit more kewl, than the tired old raver hags. As Walter Sobchak might say, Moscow indie in Moscow has no frame of reference, it's like a child wandering in the middle of a movie and...,,

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