Friday, April 20, 2007

Beer in Georgia

As GBC (Georgian Business Consulting) reports 70 million liters of beer sold in Georgia in 2006.

According to beer producers, there was sold nearly 70 m liters of beer this year, which accedes by 18-20 % to the last year’s data, when there was sold only 58 m litters of beer a year. Local beer Market is full of national production.
The market is mainly controlled by three leading beer companies, which control nearly 95 % o the local market. According to beer producers Georgian market is divided as follows: Kazbegi-50 %, Lomisi-28 % and Castel-17 %. Imported production takes only 5.
A man drinks average 230 litter of beer a year. “According to our survey, a man average drinks 1.15 little of beer one time and 140 times a year.

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