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Georgian Music

Young Georgian Lolitaz - Indie / Electro / Alternative

Young Georgian Lolitaz
Photo: D. Meskhi
The Young Georgian Lolitaz is 4 piece band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Formed in 2000

The Young Georgian Lolitaz are:

Nika Kocharov – Guitar/Lid Vocal. Born: 1980, 22 June
Levan Shanshiashvili – Guitar/midi guitar. Born: 1984, 10 November
Radara (Davit Svanidze) – Bass. Born: 1979, 4 August
Goofy (Guram Makalatia) – Drums, Born: 1982, 3 November

Since 2000 “The young Georgian Lolitaz” took part in lots of festivals. “Mziuri”- 2000-2005 Tbilisi, Georgia (Every year rock music festival). In 2004 they were invited to Baku (Azerbaijan)“Az Rock”- festival. In 2005 in Batumi, sea side of Georgia took place a “Local Music Zone” festival, were “YGL” was invited like a main band. The same year in August they took part in festival “Print On The Sea” in Kvariati (small town near Batumi). In September they toured to Yerevan (Armenia), had couple gigs and very interesting performance at “Rock And The People” international festival. In January 2006 they participated in “Live and Digital 2” festival in Baku. Azerbaijan. The same month they participated in “Rock Sine Frontiers”- January 2006. Yerevan, Armenia.

Band plays a lot of gigs in Tbilisi.

Their 1st album called “LEMONJUICE” was released in 2004 (limited edition). Song “Star” from that album was nominated as 2004th best song on MP3 unsigned site and the band was called “the best unsigned band of 2004”.

In 2005 band signed the contract with Georgian independent label “Step Records” ( In July of 2005 band released CD named “Radio Live”.

Now they are performing with two programs – live and half live electronic program.

Band has shoot 3 videos: “Mister”, “Sirok” and “Star”.

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Green Mama - Rock / Jazz / Hardcore

Green Mama

Green Mama, four piece rock band was formed in October of 2003 Tbilisi, Georgia
The band: Lasha- guitar,vocals

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Sikha - Electronica / House

Sikha was born in Tbilisi capital of Georgia. As a teenager he was playing in various bands on bass guitar and was studying at the medical school at the same time. In 1994 he founded underground band Afternoon Version together with his close friends, which had success and won prize in 2000 on Georgian music festival. In 2001 Sikha moved to London to pursue his dream of music production. Apart from producing solo work he is also collaborating with other musicians. MOst recently he has started experimenting with laptop DJing and it proved to be a successful experiment. Several of his tracks were included in various compilations in the UK & USA. Released Tracks: Early 2003 - Track Something (original track from Afternoon Version album To-gether) was included in Peoplesound.coms compilation CD complimenting DJ Dave Pearce's new dance column feature in Daily Star newspaper in UK 2003 Track Together car remix (original track from Afternoon Version album Together) was also included in American label Abstrakt Realitys compilation CD Chill Vol 2. 2004 Sunday Morning remix of original track by Levan on deep touch 2004 All Night Long Levan & Sikha released on KYR Records Netherlands 2004 Summertime revision Sikha & Zuricha (as Guria Revision)- Released on Chica discos label together with another track Dust 2005 Beautiful day D32 Remix - on VIPNIK sounds.

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Source: Step Records

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